Book Pairing: Fly Girls

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In my last post I introduced a new series called Book Pairings, where I share two books to pair together to expand your knowledge and enhance your reading experience. Check out the first book pairing I suggested here.

For my next pairing, I was inspired when I read a review of the recent nonfiction work Fly Girls: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History (published on August 7, 2018). I was immediately reminded of a novel I read that also featured female pilots, particularly during World War II, called Code Name Verity. While these books are very different in a lot of ways, both feature female pilots and the challenges they faced trying to be taken seriously as pilots. Female pilots have been largely overlooked as a part of history in general and in World War II, something that both of these books look to correct in their own ways.

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